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The best IVF Center in Lahore, Pakistan

What is an IVF Center?

A specialist medical institution that offers a full range of assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures is known as an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) clinic. Its knowledgeable staff provides a thorough history, examination, diagnostic formulation, treatment plans, and evaluations of the couple. An IVF facility always possesses all the necessary settings, such as a clinical lab, an embryology lab, outdoor clinics, and theaters.

Since the beginning of time, fertility has been a significant concern for humanity. Compared to other creatures, humans are less fertile. Infertility is failure to become pregnant following a year or more of continuous, unprotected sexual activity. Numerous societal and personal problems arise from infertility. It makes couples socially stigmatized.
IVF Clinic Lahore Center

Though man has made attempts to find solutions, Dr. Edward Brown’s 1978 endeavor to create Louise Brown, the first IVF baby, marked a breakthrough. Millions of test-tube babies have been born since then. IVF, or ICSI, is the finest infertility treatment. Compared to other infertility treatments, it has the highest success rates. The place where professionals conduct IVF is called an IVF center or clinic.

Is infertility common in Pakistan?

Infertility in Punjab, Pakistan, has been one of the most common medical problems. Domestic violence, relationship-based insecurity, depression, and anxiety are among the adverse health effects that result from it. The main problem is that people don’t seek professional help. Most affected couples don’t have proper knowledge of diagnosis, treatment, and precautions related to this issue. Seeking professional help is the only solution to minimize the percentage of infertility cases in Pakistan. Large-scale education initiatives via social and electronic media, together with medical camps, are necessary for the timely management of infertility.

What is the best infertility treatment in the world?

There are many infertility treatment options available in the world. These include timely intercourse or ovulation induction (TIC), IUI (intrauterine insemination), in vitro fertilization (IVF), and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Every treatment has its pros and cons. Timely intercourse and IUI are cheap, accessible, minimally invasive, and less stressful options. They have many limitations, such as low success rates and a pre-requisite of patent uterine tubes.

On the other hand, In vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection are more advanced options with maximum achievable success rates. They can also deal with issues like blocked uterine tubes and uterine adhesions. All types of genetic testing and embryo freezing (frozen embryo transfer – FET) are only possible with these options. IVF and ICSI are costly and more invasive fertility options.

What is the difference between ICSI and IVF?

During IVF, the health professional would typically fertilize an egg spontaneously by placing thousands of sperm and a mature egg in a lab dish. On the other hand, to verify fertilization, an embryologist employing the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) method injects one healthy sperm straight into the egg. It increases the likelihood of fertilization and successful reproduction. In both IVF and ICSI treatments, the embryo is inserted into the womb after fertilization with the hope that it will attach to the uterine wall and result in a pregnancy.

Poor motility, morphology, and count were among the male characteristics that led to the creation of ICSI for these individuals. Nevertheless, due to its high success rate, ICSI is currently preferred over IVF by many reproductive specialists, irrespective of the cause of infertility.

IVF and ICSI are interchangeable words and stand for test tube baby treatment. Health professionals and patients use the term IVF in place of the word ICSI because of its popularity in the initial times of infertility treatment history. But, before going to test tube baby treatment, one should be fully aware of what type of treatment he is paying for.

Is test tube baby treatment Halal?

According to a 1980 Al Azhar FATWA, test tube babies and associated procedures are permitted as long as they don’t include any outside donation or contribution of sperm, eggs, embryos, or uterus. In addition, the Federal Shariah Court of Pakistan declared that test-tube babies were legal in the country.

Is IVF treatment available in Pakistan?

IVF came to Pakistan a few years after its advent. Since then, Pakistan has given birth to a large number of test tube babies, though actual figures are not known. Many private IVF centers are present in Pakistan, offering top-quality infertility treatments with the latest advances in the world. One of the largest and most established IVF networks, the Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center provides top-notch care in Pakistan’s main cities.

Are there good IVF centers present in Lahore?

Lahore is the leading city in Pakistan in providing all kinds of services, including healthcare, education, transportation, goods, and services. Lahore is home to a large number of IVF facilities. The first IVF baby born in Pakistan was also born in Lahore. IVF treatment in Lahore is one of the best treatments offered in Pakistan.

Several IVF clinics in Lahore provide standard care. Due to the abundance of centers providing good IVF care in Lahore, choosing an IVF center may be challenging. The Australian Concept Infertility of Dr. Sajjad simplifies the process with its 26 years of assisted reproductive technology experience and world-class IVF facility. Lahore has one of the main branches of the Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center.

Who are the best IVF doctors in Lahore?

IVF centers in Lahore provide elite doctors and infertility experts. They also offer lab technicians, radiologists, embryologists, and other nursing staff. The best doctors in Lahore include Dr. Shazia Ashraf, Professor Dr. Safia Sultana Munir, Dr. Nazli Hameed, Dr. Khumair Asif, Dr. Adnan Saeed, and Dr. Farrukh Bashir.

They all have a heavy profile of male and female infertility treatment history and extensive gynecology, obstetrics, andrology, and endocrinology training and experience. Going above and beyond their medical knowledge, they serve each patient with care, empathy, and customization. Any of these IVF consultants have a well-reputed history of assisted reproductive technology treatment skills. Dr. Alia Bashir is another top IVF consultant in Lahore with supreme expertise in reproductive endocrinology, gynecology, and related fields.

What is the cost of IVF treatment in Lahore?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a costly procedure because it is the number one treatment for infertility, and it utilizes the latest microbiological techniques with the highest accuracy. The cost of a test tube baby procedure depends on various factors like location, number of attempts, the standard of the embryology lab, customized treatments, and the doctors offering it. It also varies from facility to facility. The overall range of the test tube baby cost in Lahore is from rupees 750,000to rupees 850,000.

Which are the best IVF clinics in Lahore for test tube baby treatment?

There are dozens of IVF clinics in Lahore offering treatments. One should be very careful while choosing the one for you. An IVF center must possess experienced staff, modern clinical and embryology labs, ethical practices, quality assurance, and collaborative efforts. Under one roof, Dr. Sajjad’s Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center provides all these excellent attributes. Australian Concept is home to the majority of elite IVF specialists in Lahore. The institute has a highly experienced and internationally trained team of embryologists linked with Australian scientists. Many Australian and other international scientists visit Australian concepts regularly.

What are the success rates of IVF in Lahore?

The test-tube baby success rate in Lahore, as in any other city, depends on a range of numerals, such as the woman’s age, the couple’s family history, the diagnosis of infertility, and the husband’s sperm count, motility, and morphology. If seeking treatment from a reputable institute, the success rate of In Vitro Fertilization below the age of thirty-five is 35-40% in Lahore, Pakistan. It is comparable to worldwide test-tube baby treatment success rates. The most important thing is not to compromise on the quality of such sensitive treatment.

A growing number of Pakistani cities, including Lahore, are starting to recognize and embrace in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) as a credible infertility treatment option.

Test Tube Baby and Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center:

The best IVF center in Punjab, Pakistan is the Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center, offering top-notch infertility treatments, including test-tube babies and assisted reproductive technology (ART). We’ve been working in the IVF sector for 26 years. Our staff of highly skilled embryologists and infertility specialists has worked with supreme dedication and quality assurance. We provide exceptional medical services for infertility, including IVF, TIC (timely intercourse), PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Testing), SAT (Sperm Aneuploidy Testing), and IUI – intrauterine insemination. We offer excellent services for assisted reproductive technology in all of Pakistan’s major cities.

How to Contact Australian Concept?

Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center offers the first free consultation with an ART coordinator doctor online or at the center. The infertility doctor will accumulate your medical history, arrange necessary lab work, and make an appointment with the appropriate IVF consultant. Using the details below, you may schedule an appointment with a doctor at the Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center in numerous Pakistani cities. Reach out to us at (0304-1112229) and book a free consultation right now.