The word “in vitro” means in glass. In contrast, the word “in vivo” means inside living organism. IVF stands for In-vitro Fertilisation. Many people have heard of it but a few are aware of the process. The process of IVF involves the fertilisation of eggs outside the body of living organisms. It takes place in laboratory petri dishes. Later on, the fertilised egg (embryo) is transferred back to female’s uterus.


IVF Cycle

In some cases, pregnancy is achieved just after one IVF cycle but it differs from case to case. It takes 3 weeks for one IVF cycle to be completed. An IVF cycle requires some imperative steps to be done before it can begun. From beginning to the end, an IVF cycle involves the following steps:


1: At first when you visit an infertility centre, a number of tests are performed on both male and female. Such as, female's ovarian condition is analysed on the other hand, male’s semen analysis takes place. Both undergo, diagnostic testing for the doctors to be sure whether they are prepared to for IVF

2: After the testing is done and doctors are sure that the couple can proceed with IVF the next step begins. It involves female’s ovarian stimulation. Through ovarian stimulation, the woman produces more than one egg per month. It is done through hormone injections. The injections are to be administered daily (as recommended by doctor) by the female herself with other medicines.

3: After her final injection, the eggs will be retrieved at the IVF centre. The process is done in about 20 minutes. Eggs are ready for fertilisation after they have matured.

4: The sperm retrieved from male is combined with the eggs in laboratory. The sperm fertilizes the eggs overnight.

5: The fertilized eggs are called embryo. Embryo are transferred back to female uterus aiming for her to achieve pregnancy.

Sometimes, infertility can be treated by using proper fertility medication as prescribed by the doctors.

IVF Centre in Pakistan

In 1980s, the first IVF centre in Pakistan was established. Later on, in 1998 Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre was established. Since then, it has been successful in delivering what has been promised by it. IVF Centre or fertility clinics, work for the assistance of couples who want to conceive but are unable to do so naturally. They require scientific assistance. Specialists at ACIMC IVF centre perform various tests in order to prepare the couple for the treatment to achieve pregnancy. About 1000 success stories are present of couples conceiving after being treated at ACIMC. Besides, Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre has largest number of IVF Centres in Pakistan.

IVF Lahore

Australian Concept has the largest branch network of infertility centres in Pakistan. Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre for IVF Lahore is known for qualified and groomed specialists. It is known for achieving successful results through infertility treatment. It contains the best IVF doctors of Pakistan. A complex procedure like IVF requires consultancy from the best. Besides, specialists and optimal environment, IVF centre needs high-tech equipment for the fertilisation of eggs and embryo development. ACIMC IVF Lahore is the best IVF centre providing all of it under one roof. Best IVF doctors in Pakistan are available at IVF centre Lahore for treatments and consultancy. It has been a source of hope for many hopeless infertile couples. It has increased the success rate of IVF through its hard work. Undeniably, it is the best IVF centre in Lahore providing guidance, excellent treatments and positive results.

When to go for IVF?

There are no settled rules as to who should be benefiting from IVF. It varies from case to case depending upon the situation of each infertile couple. The doctors thoroughly evaluate the situation of each infertile couple and they may advise them to go through IVF in following cases

• IUI was not successful

• Over aged.

• Damaged or Absent Fallopian Tubes

• The couple is having a genetic disorder and doesn’t want it to be passed on to their child.

• Male factor infertility i.e., sperm disorder, testicle issues, etc.

• Endometriosis

• QC Devices.

• Diminished Ovarian Reserve.

Risk Factor

Any intervention with natural procedures contain risks. So does, IVF as it is a medical intervention. Where IVF has its benefits, it also has its fair share of complications. None of the complications coming out of an IVF treatment are major or life threatening. Following complications may arise out of an IVF treatment in Pakistan:

• Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome in which fluid is collected in some parts of the body such as abdomen or chest.

• Twins or Multiple Births. It may also contain the risk of low birth weight

• Miscarriage. The risk of miscarriage is reduced through PGT-A to 5% to 10%

• Organs near ovaries may catch infection or injury due to the use of needle..

• Placenta Abnormalities.

• Premature births.

IVF Success Rate

The success rate of IVF has increased overtime. The successful IVF treatments are the result of appropriate infertility medications, best IVF centre, qualified IVF doctors and specialists and advancing technology. Many couples have given live births to healthy babies after getting IVF treatment at IVF Centre in Lahore, Pakistan. Gradually, IVF is becoming more and more successful. IVF Pakistan has been successful in achieving 5000+ pregnancies resulting in live births.


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