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Australian Concept Islamabad IVF Clinic

Australian Concept Islamabad has been providing in vitro fertilization and fertility services to infertile couples since 1998. Our Islamabad IVF clinic is the largest purpose-built IVF clinic in Pakistan located in Islamabad with a large building of 13000 square meters with 2 dedicated IVF operating theatres. Additionally, our ISO9001:2015 certified embryology laboratory is equipped with MIRI® accelerated incubators. MIRI® Time Delay Incubator. Best IVF and Fertility Clinic in Islamabad is part of the Australian Concept Group chain of 15 national IVF clinics and has a team of over 35 internationally trained IVF consultants. At Australian Concept Islamabad In Vitro Fertilization Clinic, our aim is to provide infertile couples with the necessary opportunity to start a family. For many infertile couples, IVF treatment can be emotional and stressful. That’s why, since 1998, we have trained and built a team of compassionate, dedicated physicians who use modern science to improve IVF/ICSI success. Our more than 1000+ success stories are the result of God’s grace and our 26 years of scientific research and experience in fertility treatment.

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Australian Concept Islamabad Center


3rd Floor, Aklas Plaza, G10 Markaz, Behind Babri Masjid, Sawan Road, Islamabad.





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