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Dr. Khayal Muhammad

Dr. Khayal Muhammad

Dr. Khayal Muhammad

IVF Consultant at Australian Concept
Islamabad IVF Clinic


MBBS, F.C.P.S (Urology), MCPS (Urology)


Male Infertility, Renal Transplant

He graduated from Peshawar University Ayyub Medical College in 2002. She received her MCPS degree in 2011. He received the FCPS (Urology) scholarship from College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) in 2015. He has published many research articles in different journals and presented papers at national and international conferences. He received training and underwent a kidney transplant. He attended different conferences and honed his skills in primary surgery, cancer, urodynamics, vascular procedures and endourology. He is a Consultant Urologist at P.A.E.C. Gene hospital Islamabad. He was adjudged as the best employee of PAEC Gene Hospital, Islamabad in 2010. He has served as a public health practitioner, village doctor and senior registrar in various hospitals in Pakistan. He is currently working as a Consultant Urologist and Infertility Specialist at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center Islamabad.

His specializes in gynecology and offers many services to her patients: vaginal birth, cesarean section, cervical cerclage, emergency surgery, manual inhalation, dilation, treatment, pregnancy, cystectomy, tubal ligation and ultrasound. He is also known for her method of healing patients both physically and emotionally. Therefore he is considered a great place to connect with patients

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