Micro Tese

Micro-Tese is a careful method which has been created to identify sperms in the balls of men with strange or poor production.

Micro Tese is a microsurgical technique and a magnificent headway in male conceptive medical procedure miniature tese has essentially further developed sperm recovery rates in Azoospermic patients.


How is the procedure done?

Micro Tese is performed under spinal or general sedation. It is effortless, because of insignificant attack, Gonads are analyzed through Miniature Taking apart Magnifying instrument Read More

Treatment for azoospermia

A Infertillity expert will give you treatment choices as indicated by the determination. Read More


- Failure to Ejaculate during ICSI procedure - Obstructive Azoospermia Read More

Risks in Micro Tese

- Procedure has lowest complication rates - Minimal post-operative complications Read More