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What is IVF

IVF is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART). It is used to aid infertile couples in conceiving. In-vitro means “in glass” but now-a-days it takes place in petri dishes. In-vitro Fertilization matured eggs are retrieved from female’s body and combined with sperm in petri dishes under optimal conditions. The sperm fertilizes the eggs. The embryo is then transferred back to female’s uterus. The procedure is not as easy as it seems. IVF is a very advanced procedure.

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IVF Cost

As IVF is a scientifically advanced procedure it is expensive as well. IVF Cost in Pakistan is less as compared to other countries. One IVF cycle can cost you up to Rs. 600,000 in Pakistan. Overseas, it can cost you about $20,000 to $25,000. This cost is quite expensive for anyone keeping the post-pandemic world and rising global inflation in view. While Egg Pickup and Embryo Transfer is done in Theatre and are relatively simple procedures. Majorly, the success of a case depends upon pre IVF workup.

Infertility & IVF

The rate of fertility is declining worldwide gradually. This decline is giving rise to getting assistance from scientific methods available to conceive. Infertility is a couple’s inability to achieve pregnancy naturally without contraception. IVF is the best option available to infertile couples for the purpose of conceiving. After failure of medications, infertile couples often go for IVF. It is also because the success rate of IVF is increasing with the increase in technology. Many positive results have been obtained through IVF.

Since the invention of IVF and similar treatments, many infertile couples got to become hopeful again. First IVF centre of Pakistan was established in 1980s. IVF Centres are made specifically for infertility issues related assistance. It is a complex procedure hence, consulting the best infertility doctors is crucial.

IVF Pakistan has become quite successful overtime. It is only due to the dedication and expertise of the people involved. Besides, most advanced equipment is used for IVF procedure in Pakistan.

At Australian Concept our first attempt is to treat the root cause of the patients illness and hope for a natural pregnancy. Depending upon age and medical complications we recommend our patients IVF after thorough assessment. The secret behind a successful IVF case is always in the pre IVF workup which during this phase the patients body is prepared with ideal hormone levels and BMI. This improves the egg quality and produces healthy embryos which increases the chances of success.

IVF Lahore

Cost of IVF | Successful story | Australian Concept
Cost of IVF | Successful story | Australian Concept
Cost of IVF | Successful story | Australian Concept

Australian Concept’s IVF Lahore Clinic is leading in the country in the subject. It is having over 20 years of experience and qualified specialists. The specificity of the IVF Lahore Clinic enables it to give each case complete attention. The focus on each case individually results in success. The infertile couples are transparently made aware of each fact. The specialists leave no stone unturned in dealing with them.

For couples who are shopping for IVF Clinics and looking for a bargain, they should rather be looking at Success Rates instead. Australian Concept’s IVF success rate is greatest in the country. The cost of IVF in Pakistan can range from Rs. 300,000 to 550,000 as at July 2022. There are many new IVF Clinics in Pakistan who are offering low cost IVF as a gimmick and misleading patients who might need extra medication in fact.

At Lahore IVF Clinic, we acknowledge IVF is expensive and due to the state of Pakistan’s economy it is difficult to afford IVF treatment. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure our patients’ IVF attempt to be successful. At Lahore IVF, the cost of IVF is very competitive and we have also included Embryo Freezing as complimentary at some of our clinics. The cost of IVF can add to the stress of our patients who are already stressed out and emotionally drained. Therefore, we offer packages with generous discount on IVF treatment.

IVF Equipment

The equipment used for IVF has a great impact upon its price. IVF requires high-tech scientific equipment for carrying it out. Following equipments are essential for an IVF cycle:

• Incubators including long-term incubator, long term-flat bed incubator, etc.

• IVF Workstations such as fortuna or mars IVF workstations.

• RI Witness.

• Microscopes.

• Micromanipulators.

• Filters.

• QC Devices.

• Other Support Equipment.

The equipment used for IVF has a great impact upon its price. IVF requires high-tech scientific equipment for carrying it out. Following equipments are essential for an IVF cycle:

IVF Cost In Pakistan

IVF price in Pakistan is way less when compared to the prices being offered for the same treatment in other countries. The technologically advanced nature of IVF results in it being expensive. The countries like USA, UK and UAE are costing up to $25,000 for one IVF cycle. Sometimes, one IVF cycle is not even successful. Hence, it can cost you more than that if you are planning to go for more than one attempt. IVF price in Pakistan generally lies somewhere between Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 550,000. Australian Concept is offering affordable packages to its customers with state of the art facilities. Australian Concept first introduced Ramadan discount packages in Pakistan and all other clinics followed. Still till date, Australian Concept offers the most generous discount on IVF Packages and on a regular basis runs promotions and discount offers.