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What is IVF

IVF is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART). It is used to help infertile couples. In vitro means “in glass,” but it is now done in a petri dish. In vitro fertilization takes time to grow eggs from a woman’s body and place them in a petri dish in good conditions along with sperm. The sperm fertilizes the egg. The embryo is then transferred back to the woman’s uterus. This process is not as simple as it seems. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a multi-process.

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IVF and Female & Male Factors

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a widely used assisted reproductive technology (ART) that helps individuals or couples conceive a child when natural conception is challenging or not possible. Age is a significant factor that can influence the success rates of IVF treatments, both for women and men, albeit in different ways.

Female Age Factors

  • Fertility Decline
  • Egg Quality
  • Response to Ovarian Stimulation
  • Success Rates

Male Factors

  • Sperm Quality
  • Genetic Risks

Infertility & IVF

Global fertility rates are slowly falling. This decline has led to the need for scientific methods to help get pregnant. Infertility means that a couple is unable to become pregnant naturally without using birth control. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the best option for infertile couples to get pregnant. After treatment fails, infertile couples often resort to in vitro fertilization treatment. Because with the development of technology, the success rate of in vitro fertilization treatment is also increasing. There are many benefits gained from in vitro fertilization (IVF).

WHO regarding infertility and IVF may vary over time due to ongoing research, advancements in technology, and updates in healthcare policies. I recommend checking the latest reports or publications directly from the World Health Organization’s website.

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Since the invention of in vitro fertilization and similar treatments, many infertile couples have regained hope. Pakistan’s first in vitro fertilization center was established in the 1980s. In vitro fertilization (IVF) centers specialize in providing services related to infertility problems. This is a difficult process, so it is very important to consult the best doctor.

IVF has been successful in Pakistan. All this is due to the dedication and skills of the partners. Additionally, the best equipment is used in in vitro fertilization surgery in Pakistan.

At Australian Concept, our first attempt is to treat the patient’s underlying condition and hopefully get pregnant. In vitro fertilization treatment is recommended to patients after a good evaluation depending on age and medical comorbidities. The secret of a successful in vitro fertilization procedure is always the test performed before in vitro fertilization, in which the patient’s body is prepared with ideal hormones and body parameters. This improves egg quality and creates healthy embryos, resulting in a successful pregnancy.

IVF Lahore

Cost of IVF | Successful story | Australian Concept
Cost of IVF | Successful story | Australian Concept
Cost of IVF | Successful story | Australian Concept

Australian Concept IVF Lahore clinic is one of the leaders in this country. He has more than 20 years of experience and expertise. IVF Lahore Clinic’s expertise enables it to provide comprehensive care for all cases. In every situation, effort leads to success. Childless parents know the whole truth. Professionals are doing their best to solve them.

Couples who want to visit for an in vitro fertilization clinic and want to receive consultancy should focus on quality. Australian Concept has the best IVF experience in the country. In January 2024 Cost of IVF in Pakistan can up to Rs 750,000 to 850,000 approximately but it depends on patient medical history after consulting with doctors. There are many new IVF clinics in Pakistan that use the ruse of offering IVF at low cost and mislead patients who may need more medication.

At Lahore IVF Clinic, we are aware that in vitro fertilization treatment is very expensive and due to the economic conditions in Pakistan, it is difficult to afford in vitro fertilization treatment. That’s why we do everything to ensure the success of our patients’ in vitro fertilization attempts. The cost of IVF at Lahore IVF is very competitive and some of our clinics also offer free embryo freezing services. The cost of in vitro fertilization can add stress to our already stressed and anxious patients. That’s why we offer discounted prices for in vitro fertilization treatment.

IVF Equipment

The equipment used in in vitro fertilization treatment has a positive impact on cost. In vitro fertilization treatment requires the use of high-tech scientific equipment. The following equipment is required for the IVF cycle:

• Incubators including long-term incubator, long term-flat bed incubator, etc.

• IVF Workstations such as fortuna or mars IVF workstations.

• RI Witness.

• Microscopes.

• Micromanipulators.

• Filters.

• QC Devices.

• Other Support Equipment

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IVF Cost In Pakistan

The cost of in vitro fertilization treatment in Pakistan is lower compared to the cost of the same treatment in other countries. IVF in Pakistan usually costs between Rs 750,000 to 850,000 approximately. IVF cost can vary greatly depending on many factors hospital or clinic , including the specific IVF procedure required and location in Pakistan. Additionally, medical costs can change over time. Australian Concept offers its customers affordable packages with the best amenities. Australian Concept was the first medical center to launch Ramadan discount package in Pakistan followed by all other hospitals. To date, Australian Concept continues to offer the best discounts on IVF packages and its ongoing labor and discount promotion.