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FET Positive patient After 10 Years of Primary Sub-fertility at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center Lahore

FET positive patient after 10 years a success story


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In Infertility often poses a significant emotional and physical challenge to individuals aspiring to become parents. For Mr. Muhammad Jahangir and Mrs. Wafa Jahangir, a decade-long struggle with primary sub-fertility cast a shadow over their dream of conceiving a child. However, their journey took a positive turn at the Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center in Lahore under the dedicated care of Consultant Dr. Shazia Ashraf.

The Initial Journey: A Decade of Sub-Fertility

For ten arduous years, the Jahangirs navigated the difficult landscape of sub-fertility. This phase was fraught with emotional turmoil, dashed hopes, and numerous medical consultations. Despite their unwavering desire to start a family, conceiving naturally remained elusive, leading them to seek professional assistance.

The Turning Point: Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center

The couple’s quest for effective fertility treatment led them to the Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center in Lahore, renowned for its advanced reproductive technologies and compassionate care. Here, they found solace in the expertise of Dr. Shazia Ashraf, a distinguished fertility specialist committed to helping couples overcome infertility hurdles.

Embracing FET Treatment: A Beacon of Hope

Under Dr. Ashraf’s guidance, the Jahangirs explored the possibility of Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) treatment. FET involves the transfer of previously frozen embryos into the uterus, offering a ray of hope for couples facing fertility challenges. The meticulous planning and personalized approach of the medical team at Australian Concept boosted the couple’s confidence in this treatment.

The Journey Towards Conception

The FET procedure marked a pivotal moment in the Jahangirs’ pursuit of parenthood. The medical team meticulously monitored Mrs. Wafa Jahangir’s reproductive cycle and carefully executed the embryo transfer, adhering to the highest standards of precision and care. The couple embarked on this stage of their journey with a blend of anticipation and cautious optimism.

A Joyous Outcome: Conception and Beyond

The long-awaited moment arrived when the couple received the heartwarming news—Mrs. Jahangir tested positive for pregnancy. Emotions of elation and gratitude flooded their hearts as they embarked on a new chapter filled with anticipation and joy. The nurturing care provided by Dr. Ashraf and the team at Australian Concept continued throughout the pregnancy, ensuring the well-being of both mother and baby.

The Impact of Support and Expertise

The success achieved by Mr. and Mrs. Jahangir stands as a testament to the power of specialized medical expertise coupled with unwavering support and personalized care. Dr. Shazia Ashraf’s guidance and the comprehensive fertility treatments offered at the Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center transformed the Jahangirs’ dream into a beautiful reality.

The Significance of Fertility Treatments in Modern Medicine

The case of Mr. and Mrs. Jahangir highlights the remarkable strides made in fertility treatments, providing renewed hope to couples facing similar challenges. FET treatment, in particular, has emerged as a promising avenue, offering a second chance for conception and parenthood to individuals encountering infertility issues.


The journey of Mr. Muhammad Jahangir and Mrs. Wafa Jahangir paints a poignant picture of resilience, determination, and the invaluable role played by advancements in medical science. Their story stands as an inspiration to many, underscoring the importance of seeking specialized care and not losing hope in the face of infertility challenges. The Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center, led by Dr. Shazia Ashraf, continues to be a beacon of hope for couples aspiring to embrace the joys of parenthood despite the complexities of infertility.

FET Positive patient After 10 Years of Primary Sub-fertility at Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center Lahore

Patient Conceived after FET treatment at Australian Concept

Patient: Mr. Muhammad Jahangir & Mrs. Wafa Jahangir

Consultant: Dr. Shazia Ashraf