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Sperm Aneuploidy Test (SAT)

What is SAT (Sperm Aneuploidy Test)?

SAT stands for Sperm Aneuploidy Test, a genetic diagnostic test that looks for chromosomal abnormalities in sperm that can lead to infertility in men and unsuccessful pregnancies. It entails analyzing the sample of sperm and calculating the proportion of mature sperm with faulty DNA. It also thoroughly evaluates the genetic impact of the male spouse on the offspring born with chromosomal abnormalities.

SAT meaning is a microbiological test that detects issues with sperm DNA. It recognizes the abnormal chromosomal number in sperm cells. In human biology, chromosomal count is an important factor. Keeping our chromosomal count in check prevents many abnormalities and is essential for normal physiological working, growth, and development.

SAT (Sperm Aneuploidy Test)

What is Aneuploidy?

Every human body cell, except gamete cells (sperm and egg), has 46 chromosomes. Appropriate chromosomal numbering is essential for healthy human development, growth, and physiological function. Any variation from this number may lead to genetic diseases or the circumstances in which embryos do not survive. Of the 46 chromosomes, only 23 are present in mature human sperm. A developed egg also contains 23 chromosomes as well. The result of the combination of an egg and sperm is a 46-chromosome zygote that further makes the whole human body cells by dividing.

Aneuploidy is a genetic defect in which a cell’s chromosome count differs from its original correct number. Chromosomes split apart and duplicate themselves during cell division, a normal process in the human body. Aneuploidy is the result of unequal chromosomal division. In aneuploidy of sperm, either a chromosome is absent or a sperm cell possesses an extra copy of the chromosome. When this kind of sperm fertilizes a healthy egg, it results in an abnormal number of chromosomes. For example, trisomy (extra copy) in chromosome number 21 causes Down syndrome, or missing X chromosome, also known as Turner syndrome. It may also result in miscarriage. SAT testing diagnoses this sperm aneuploidy beforehand.

Genetic Basis of Aneuploidy and Inheritance Patterns:

Humans grow by cell division. A single parent cell divides into two new daughter cells during cell division. Cell division is vital for development, maintenance, and procreation. Chromosomes separate during the anaphase phase of cell division and go to each new daughter cell. When chromosomes misseparate during anaphase, it leads to nondisjunction, the inheritance pattern of aneuploidy. As a result, one chromosome gains an additional copy, while the other chromosome loses one copy.
In aneuploidy, the sperm’s chromosome count deviates from its initial, proper number. As a result, it either lacks a chromosome completely or contains an extra copy of one. For instance, an additional copy of chromosome number 21 causes Down Syndrome (almost one in every seven hundred live births has Down syndrome). It also examines chromosomes 13, 18, X, and Y, in particular, as they are related to spontaneous miscarriages and chromosomal abnormalities in children.

Testing Process Of SAT:

  • For the SAT process, the male spouse provides semen as an SAT sample in a sterile container under aseptic measurements after a gap of 3-4 days of sexual activity.
  • This sample goes to the genetic embryology lab under strict temperature measurements.
  • The Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH) approach, used for SAT by most genetic labs, analyzes roughly two thousand sperm per sample.
  • The triple FISH method detects abnormal numbers of X chromosome, Y chromosome, and chromosome number 18.
  • The double FISH technique discovers unusual numbers in chromosomes 21 and 13.
  • It takes a few days to acquire the results. Both healthy and undesirable findings in results are possible.
  • A treatment strategy for infertility can only be devised by an IVF professional once they have interpreted the SAT results data.
  • Unwanted SAT results can qualify for IVF with preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), which separates normal from abnormal embryos and increases the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

When does one need to take the SAT Test:

Abnormal Semen Analysis Reports:

Males who have aberrant sperm variables, like decreased sperm count or impaired sperm motility or shape, ought to think about testing for sperm aneuploidy.

Repeated Loss of Pregnancies:

SAT could prove helpful for parents who have lost their pregnancy more than once. Determining sperm abnormalities can help with treatment decisions and offer information about possible causes.

Failure of Repeated IVF Treatment:

Those who have tried IVF more than once without success must think about the Sperm Aneuploidy Test. SAT enhances the implantation percentages and embryo growth during pregnancy tenure.

Cost of SAT in Pakistan:

The typical SAT fee in Pakistan ranges usually depending on patient medical history after consulting with doctor. The Sperm Aneuploidy Test price also differs based on the IVF center providing it, the tools used, and the number of attempts. A reliable test for infertility that gives accurate information about sperm genetic abnormalities and raises the likelihood that an embryo will grow and develop well is the sperm aneuploidy test. Additionally, SAT is better than the sperm DNA fragmentation test, which reports the proportion of fragmented sperm DNA in the semen sample and cannot precisely identify genetic problems. The high SAT price is worth it because it also saves you from several fruitless IVF attempts. If you’re considering the SAT, you must discuss your individual choices and costs with a reputable fertility institution.

SAT & Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center:

Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center is the best IVF clinic in Pakistan that offers world-class infertility treatments and assisted reproductive technology (ART). We have 26 years of experience in the IVF field. We provide all forms of excellent infertility treatments, such as IUI (intrauterine insemination), IVF, TIC (timely intercourse), and genetic testing such as PGT or SAT. In Pakistan’s main cities, we provide our patients with SAT at a fair price.

Reproductive genetic services specialist Igenomix, a top-tier medical testing facility, is affiliated with the Australian Concept Medical Center. With locations throughout the globel, genomix is a leading provider of reproductive genetic services. In Pakistan, The Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center is pleased to provide an Igenomix sperm aneuploidy test and Igenomix carrier screening.

Cultural and Ethical Considerations:

Every patient at Australian Concept Medical Center is required to provide informed consent, demonstrating that the person giving the semen sample is fully aware of the goals, protocols, risks, and advantages of the study. We at our IVF clinics cherish your privacy very much. We ensure confidentiality by not sharing your personal information and results without patient consent. Regarding fertility, we also honor your unique religious and spiritual convictions. In short, the best medical center for SAT is the Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center.

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